Al Hura Crushers Company LLC

Al Hura Crushers CO LLC(AHC) is another key member of HIG and is one of the market leaders in Oman.

AHC produces wide range of products derived from limestone (Calcium Carbonate – CaCo3), which is produced at the company’s plant at Sohar. The quarried raw material is processed into various grades to meet the needs of a wide range of industries.

AHC has been supplying limestone in different grades as filler to manufacturing units in Oman and the UAE. It also produces limestone in different grades for the oil and drilling industries and is the supplier for water treatment plants and animal feed manufacturers.

AHC has a production capacity up to 3.000 tons of limestone per day – in various sizes.

AHC also provides chemical and particle distribution analysis certificates of its products as and when required by its clients.


Done by a fleet of carriers, vehicles and trucks with recommended load capacity and specialized in transporting products to all clients in the Sultanate of Oman and United Arab Emirates as well as to all other world countries through borders.