Quality & Safety

Quality Management:

Quality, efficiency and honesty are the principles behind the success of the companies which form part of HIG.

The many divisions of the group work as a single integrated unit to achieve the strategic targets of the group in the contracting field.

Since the establishment of the company the Management has insisted that its staff provide the highest quality of service for its Clients. With this aim in mind the company embarked on a program to introduce a formal quality control system.


Safety Management:

The management of the company is fully committed to the health and safety of its employees and the general public.

The policy of the company encourages its employees to act responsibly at all times to prevent, and avoid all forms of loss and damage, and to avoid harm or injury to themselves or others.

Employees are provided with protective clothing, safety footwear, and hard helmet in addition to the extensive training to ensure safety at work.

Measures to ensure the safety of the public and implemented on all projects in accordance with the clients instructions and specific requirements, day and night to prevent accidents and losses.

This Quality Assurance System has now been implemented and it is utilized in all of the company’s activities and projects.

An independent Quality Assurance team has been established to ensure compliance with the objectives laid down by the Management. This team carries out independent internal audits and site inspections then reports non-conformities to the section heads and the Management for corrective action.

The Management of HIG insists that all of its projects are carried in strict compliance with the requirements of its Clients and in accordance with established standard specifications.