Code of Conduct


The applicant should have the following items for employment opportunity:

  • Excellent qualifications in his field for both scientific & experiences.
  • Successfully crossing the committee’s interview requirements.
  • Crossing medical examination with approved certificate.
  • Licensed to work for non Omanis, as local labor laws.


Employment to be in accordance with legal contract copies to the following:

  • Four copies to the National labor Office.
  • Three copies to the Foreigner labor Office.
  • One copy for the employee
  • One copy in his personnel file.

And any way the contract should be approved from the labor Office according to article Number   (23) from the labor law.

  • The contract shall be valid starting from the joining date, unless had agreed for another future date considering the first three months as testing period.
  • The company has the right to terminate the contract during the testing period, after one month warning maximum.
  • It is allowed to transfer or relocated the place of working as works needed, as long as it will not affecting badly to the employee.


AL HOOQANI INTERNATIONL GROUP of companies always seeking for skill’s growing &

Development training and as far as those works need to assure the best performance for its employees.


Managements prepare periodically reports regarding all staff including:

  • Performance abilities and fluency degree.
  • Employee’s activities evaluations as team work degree.
  • The Good attendance and behaving.
  • Commitment working in the company’s rules.

Evaluation degrees:

  • Excellent
  • Very Good
  • good
  • accepted
  • weak


The employee deserve annual increment after one complete year from his starting date , Or after one complete year from his previous increment date in accordance with his good performance , and that should commensurate with his salary , and this level in the performance is applicable to all the employees alike.


The employee shall be qualified to higher post if :

  • Availability of that Vacancy.
  • Should have the necessary qualification for that Vacancy.
  • Obtaining excellent degree in his last regular evaluation.

Comparison between the employees for the same Vacancy.

  • The higher degree in evaluation.
  • The higher scientific degree.
  • Best training.
  • More experiences.
  • Older.


The Group’s management took the following necessary preventive measures to protect all its employees from any serious dangerousness :

  • Guiding all employees to know works risk, and means of prevention per every work, by applying those strictly instructions.
  • Training the employees for the safety & prevention course.
  • Safety storing for all tools
  • Prohibited SMOKING in working areas.
  • Availability of Fire extinguishers and prepare exist for escaping upon emergency.
  • Avoiding shortages of fresh air or its regenerating.
  • Keeping all working areas cleaned & disinfectant.
  • Providing suitable water for human usage.
  • Providing dining places for workers if there is no suitable place in working area.
  • Create hands washing ponds with necessary disinfectants.
  • Create healthy path rooms.
  • Create healthy accommodation rooms.
  • Employing qualified supervisor to monitor all safety issues.


The Group adheres to the following:

  • Not to introduce any form of fraud to the employee regarding works conditions.
  • Perform all the essential obligations in accordance with provisions of labor law regarding his signed contract.
  • Looking at all employees’ personnel situations with best decent dealing.
  • Prohibiting the managers to use them employees for private issues.
  • When knowing any serious danger might happen to the employees, the necessary measures are taken in the punctually and imposed by the competent authorities.
  • The management strictly prohibiting any illegal materials in working places.
  • Enable workers to unionize their labour in accordance with tenth article of the OMANIES labor law at the royal decree number 35/2003 and according to the decision number 59/2010 issued from respected labor minister, in order to take care of their interests and defend their legal rights, and to represent them in all matters, in accordance with the labor’s ministry rules.