AHIP possesses a highly skilled and experienced Commodities Trading team and is witnessing substantial growth in this area of our business.

We trade metals (Concentrate copper, Gabbro, Limestone, Dolomite, Aggregate 10MM, Aggregate 20MM, Crushed sand 0-5MM, Washed sand 0-5MM, Plaster sand 0-2MM, Washed Plaster sand 0-2MM, Dolomite stone- 40 to 80MM, Back Filling material).

Our source markets for copper from our sister company KMCL in Tanzania, and our source of limestone and Dolomite from our sister companies in Oman and for Gabbro from companies also in Oman.

We believe in adding value to our customers across all points of the supply chain process and pride ourselves on our efficient, professional and customer- centric services.