Sultan Qaboos Bin Said

His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said, may God rest his soul, took over the reins of power in the Sultanate on 7/23/1970 until he passed away on 01/10/2020.

His Majesty has given a priority to the development of Omani citizens and to preparing successive generations of citizens of this homeland in all fields, as well as providing all means to upgrade all educational, healthy and social aspects for the citizen and the Omani community in a bid to prepare national specialized and well-equipped cadres as per the possible levels in all fields to carry out the greater role in developing, guiding and steering programmes and plans of the national development.
Despite the modest financial potential and dependence on fluctuating oil returns due to changing global oil prices, the greater gains were represented in the successive generations of Oman’s citizens who were provided with all opportunities of education including higher education, training and seeking to upgrade shouldering the responsibility of leading and steering development programmes in various sectors and fields.
This was made within the framework of values and principles cemented by His Majesty the Sultan based on equality, citizenship, justice and the rule of law in the state of establishments and depending on the Omani citizen as he is the precious wealth of the homeland.