Al Hooqani Architectural Design is a laboratory of exploration and experimentation. We search and research for solutions to our client’s problems. We analyze the parameters and factors that define physical products which are affordable, durable, functional, ecological and beautiful. Holistic approach towards design involving functionality, aesthetics & resource conservation. Sustainability and climate responsive design form the basis of our work. Use of alternative, traditional & modern building technology as appropriate to the context and brief. Search for timeless architecture that is beyond ‘trends’ and doesn’t struggle to be ‘new’ or ‘inventive’ for the sake of it. The search is for ‘egoless’ architecture in the present ego driven contemporary architectural trend the world over.

Working closely with the clients & involving them in the initial design process helps us to better understand their needs & is in turn reciprocated by the clients who feel comfortable & provide a free hand in design exploration, beautiful. A lot of repeat business reflects the trust and value our clients place in our experienced team. Offering most of the essential services in-house also contributes to better execution of projects by streamlining the team’s communication and helps in delivering the projects in the given time frame and manage the costs effectively.